Our Philosophy

at the Natural Birth and Women's Center our philosophy is one of a Gentle Birth (TM), of non-intervention and maximum support. Dr. Le Boyer's philosophy of Gentle Birth (TM), with no bright lights and providing a very quiet atmosphere during the birth restates our philosophy.

Having a Baby is a Very Personal Experience

When you’re expecting… or planning a pregnancy, look for something that will help you make this pregnancy and birth a wonderful, safe, comfortable, and very personal experience while offering the highest quality care for you and your baby.

Today there are many places and ways to have your baby and there are many professionals offering care. How do you choose? One of the most important services of the birth center is the ability to help families make INFORMED CHOICES about their care givers and place of birth. Freedom of choice and maximum personal control are supported by a comprehensive childbirth education program based on medical research and years of experience with alternative health care. We even provide you with a free tour where you can come and see and educate your self.

Most women prefer to have prenatal care and deliver their babies where they have a choice of methods, birth positions and control over what is done to them and their babies. They prefer care givers who listen.

At Natural Birth Women’s Center, we provide you with the freedom to choose your place of birth, method of delivery, (such as water birth), and position for delivery. You have a choice of care givers and who is with you during delivery. Caregivers can be experienced midwives well versed in alternatives to medical intervention or caring physicians who support our philosophy of a gentle birth. Your family and those you love and care about are always welcome for births in our center. It is your choice who is there.

These choices you make should be based on your knowledge of the alternatives, your needs, desires, philosophy and experience.

Having a Baby!

Before the Baby

Birth is one day; the nine months before are extremely important in making that day a success.

 The Natural Birth and Women’s Center offers comprehensive prenatal care by experienced midwives. Free pregnancy testing and counseling are always available. Our prenatal care program includes comprehensive nutrition guidelines for optimum health, review of medical, obstetric history and physical examinations, complete laboratory assessment and prenatal check-ups on monthly, by-weekly; then weekly intervals. The emphasis is on you; and plenty of time is allowed to address your concerns. Special educational programs, such as ACHI childbirth classes, allow you to take full advantage of your pregnancy. Family or friends are welcome to come with you to hear the baby’s heartbeat or share in your progress.


After the Baby arrives... the Care Goes On

The intimate, private surroundings of your birth room are ideal for the introduction of a new baby to family members or friends. Throughout the birth process and post-partum period, our staff offers support for you and your newborn. Post-partum support for the mother includes education and a mothers’ support group. Continued support for adjustment of your family are very important during this special time

Choice, Control, Comfort and Lower Cost

Our midwives advise women about their reproductive health, offering contraception and providing regular gynecological services including: yearly physical exams, breast and pelvic exams, and treat common deviations from normal, including PMS and some infertility counseling and testing. Our practice continues to offer comprehensive gynecological care by our Board Certified OB/GYN physician including evaluation and treatment of infertility, abnormal Pap Smears, menopause,pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and menstrual irregularities, as well as complete gynecological surgery. The cost of care at Natural Birth and Women’s Center is less than traditional hospital-based programs. Most insurers recognize and reimburse for Natural Birth and Women’s Center services. Our staff is willing to assist you with insurance. Financing is available and VISA & MasterCard are welcome.

Come for a free tour!

Call +1 818 885 1012 for an individual appointment to tour the Natural Birth and Women’s Center. Our staff will meet with you, show you the Birth Center, and share our philosophy of birth. There is no charge for the visit, and no obligation of any kind. You should feel free to bring with you those family members or friends who will share in your decision making. Birth should be a healthy, successful, meaningful experience for mother, baby, and family – and our sole purpose is to assist you in achieving that goal.