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We love to write about our experience and our story.

Welcome to our blog for the Natural Birth and Women’s Center- Winnetka, CA! Here you will find tips, ideas, solutions and education about birth and the midwifery political process, updates on consumer and other patient rights information. And in general the whole process of natural healthcare and most importantly – for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

We believe that birth is a natural process, that information, education and empowerment must be given to the mother birthing, the family birthing as this is the only way to bring back gentle, respectful care to the birthing community. We help women with everything regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum and hope to expand our services and help to the community as we establish ourselves and our services more and more. We are the oldest standing Independent birthing center in Los Angeles County and Southern California and pride ourselves in providing you with some good tips, great ideas in information in our blog! We appreciate you taking the time to stop in and read our news, success stories and tips and important updates about birth, natural alternatives and the birthing community. We would love to hear your feedback or input on your birth with us, or on birth in general. Feel free to contact us and spread the word about our blog in the birthing community and feel free to come in for a free tour to our Birthing Center! Thank you for visiting and enjoy!