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Midwife Claudia Breglia

Birth Center News! Introducing Claudia Breglia

Birth Center News! Claudia began her career as primary midwife in 1993 providing prenatal, birth, and postpartum services to Amish and Mennonite women in rural Kentucky. Since that time she has attended over 800 births. When asked, she will tell you that her philosophy of birth is simple: “Babies come out. Everything else is details.” […]

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Birth Center News – Introducing Elizabeth Dubbs, CNM to the Natural Birth and Women’s Center, LLC.

Birth Center News! We want to welcome our new Midwife Elizabeth Dubbs, MS, CNM Elizabeth has been a Midwife since 1998 and was previously a labor and delivery nurse with LA County since 1992. She holds a degree in midwifery from Charles Drew Medical School and a master’s degree in nursing from California State University […]

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